"Growing in Faith Together"

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Welcome to First Baptist Long Beach Preschool and Children Ministry.  We want to thank you for sharing your child with us.  Our goal for your child is to know Christ and know how to apply God’s word to their lives.  We are here to support you and partner with you in the spiritual development of your child.

Every time your child is at church he/she is taught by teachers who are prepared, love the Lord, and love children.  We offer foundational teaching with fun activities to help them grow like Jesus grew:  spiritually, socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. (Luke 2:52).
All of our teachers must pass a background check and be trained.  If you ever have any questions about our Preschool and Children Ministry, please give me a call.

Brenda Davis
Minister of Education

Preschool (Birth - Kindergarten)

We provide quality teaching and loving guidance through many different opportunities each time a child comes to church.  Our classes are age-graded to help your children to learn at their age level.  We go by the school district's guidelines to place children in the age appropriate classes.  (Example – if a child is 2 by Sept 1st of that year, then they would be in the 2-year-old class.)

We have a Security System in place for our preschool area.  We want your preschoolers to be safe while they are learning about God. Please pre-register your child below before coming to church to save time during registration.
We also have policies to help keep our preschool area safe.  Please click the button below for our “Procedures and Policies”


Worship – 9am Sundays -  At this time we ask that parents please take their child to church with them.  Be sure to register your child along with you.
Sunday School – 10:30am Sundays – Through fun, interactive activities we provide quality teaching as they hear about a great God who loves them.
*Watch for details as we restart more activities in the months ahead.

Children (1st - 6th Grade)

The Children's Ministry at First Baptist has many activities planned for your child each week and throughout the year.  Our classes are graded by school grade. For those that are homeschooled we ask that they go with the grade that is closest to their age group.  Your children are in a safe environment and we are committed to providing Bible lessons and activities that will teach them about God, His love, and His plan for their lives.  They will learn how God sent Jesus to be their Savior.

We have policies for our Children's Ministry.  Please click the button below for our “Children Policies”
Worship – We encourage families of 1st – 6th Graders to attend worship together.
Sunday School – Bible Lessons and Activities are used to teach children about a great God who loves them and provides for them.
Vacation Bible School – This is held at the first part of Summer.  It is a week of Bible learning experiences, music, crafts, and lots of fun. Watch for details later about this experience.
*Watch for details as we restart more activities in the months ahead.