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Persecuted as Followers of Jesus

Pastor LaRue Stephens preaches on:
Persecuted as Followers of Jesus
1 Thessalonians 2:1-4, 10-13

I. The Reality of Persecution for Followers of Jesus, verses 1-2.
A. Jesus tells us we will be persecuted, Matthew 10:16-26; John 15:20.
B. Followers of Jesus faced persecution from the beginning, Acts 14:2; 16:23; Philippians 1:29-30.

II. The Reason for Persecution as Followers of Jesus, verses 3-4.
A. We are entrusted with the gospel, verse 4a.
B. We speak to please God, verse 4b.


III. The Reward of Persecution for Following Jesus, verses 10-13.
A. People will see Jesus in you, verse 10.
B. God will accomplish His purpose through your persecution, verse 13.

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